Frequently Asked Questions


Q Why pay for private medical service?

A No waiting time, personalized care and quality service.


Q Why Mediservice for my private care needs?

A With over 30 years experience we pride ourselves on offering excellent health care to our patients. At Mediservice you will always be treated as an individual never a number.


Q Do you have to buy the Card to see the doctor?

A No, you can pay for a single visit at the door for $195.00


Q Is a full physical included in the plan?

A Yes, it is considered as (2) visits (lab work is not included in cost).


Q Can another family member use my card?

A Yes, only if the family member is registered on the card. All member names that are registered in the Family Plan can use the Main members Card and all visits are transferable between family members.


Q If I don’t use all my visits in the year do I lose them?

A No, you do not lose unused visits.


Q Does Mediservice accept the RAMQ (Medicare) card?

A No, we do not accept the RAMQ card.


Q Does Mediservice charge any administration or hidden fees?

A No, unlike some clinics that charge fees to “open the file”, or charge extra fees for “extra time with the doctor”, Mediservice has no hidden fees.


Q Does Mediservice “double bill”, or bill the Medicare card and charge the patient, like at some “private” clinics?

A No, we do not. “Double billing” is illegal. Mediservice has provided private medical care for 30 years, and has never been investigated or charged for double billing by the government.