Pilot’s Corner

Mediservice is the largest provider of Aviation Medicine licensing exams in Canada, with over 25 years experience.
Pilot Licensing Exam
Mediservice is certified to provide commercial pilot and ATC licensing exams for

  1. Canada (M.O.T.)
  2. United States (F.A.A.)
  3. United Kingdom (PPL and JAA)
  4. Europe (E.A.S.A.)

We assist the pilot and ATC to maintain his/her license, and to regain his/her license if grounded for medical reasons. We are dedicated to promote the pilot’s and the ATC’s preventive health, and to promote safety in the flight environment.

About 65 % of our commercial pilots /ATCs use Mediservice for their primary family medicine care, in addition to licensing. We have a solid reputation for rapid access, quality care, and understanding of the pilot’s unique work environment.

Expiring license? We can book your appointment within 24 hours if needed. You can book on-line at info@mediservice.ca or by using our on-line form Schedule an Appointment. Blood tests can be booked at the same time.

Based overseas? If you are registered in our Electronic Health Record, you can request an E-Consult with our aviation medicine specialist for advice on medical issues impacting your commercial license, and book on-line with Mediservice for preferred dates that accommodate your flight schedule.


Following an unexpected event in my life, I began to experience anxiety. I was surprised as I am not generally an anxious person. Having colleagues that have visited Dr. Perlman in the past, I listened to their recommendation and sought his help. It was an excellent decision. He was able to listen and understand the nuances of my situation while understanding the reality of aviation. He knew how to guide me through the different stages of my medical leave without judgment in a clear manner. Upon experiencing problems with my license, he took care of the issue which allowed me to concentrate on myself and get back on my feet as fast as possible.
Thank you, Dr. Perlman, for helping me deal with what seemed like an impossible situation and relieve my worries regarding my employment!

LL (September 2019)
Air Traffic controller