Private Medical Service

Mediservice provides access to rapid, personal, quality health care.

Mediservice has over 25 years experience delivering timely and professional private physician services to Montreal companies. Mediservice has the longest private medicine experience in Montreal.

Our focus is on quality, not quantity. Our service is boutique style.
The Mediservice Medical Clinic caters to those patients who value their time, personalized care, and superior professional service.
Our private medical service provides same-day, next-day appointments, and affordable private Family Plans. Mediservice physicians are not participating in RAMQ (Medicare), and are McGill University-trained.

We have Electronic Health Records for our patients, electronic prescriptions, and E-Consults. We strive to respect your time constraints, and to provide superior communication.

Mediservice does not engage in any sort of “double billing” to our clients, such as billing RAMQ and the client. We offer a 100% private physician service.

Private Patient Medical Service

  • Do you want to wait around in crowded walk-in clinics or emergency rooms?
  • Does the doctor on call know you and answer your questions fully, and take the necessary time with you to diagnose and treat?
  • Do you feel that you receive satisfactory Customer Service? Respect?

If the answer is “No”, you do have a choice: Mediservice.

Our doctors carefully listen, diagnose, examen, and discuss your medical problem and treatment options. They take the necessary time to plan your care with you. Mediservice arranges specialist referrals, blood tests, imaging studies on your behalf, and expedite appointments when urgent. We report back all your results, normal or abnormal, in timely fashion.

Our fees are clear and transparent. We accept Visa, MC, Interac, or company checks (O.A.C.). We issue receipts for insurance re-imbursement or for income tax deduction. Private medical fees are normally tax deductible.

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