Back Care Program


We have over 25 year’s experience. Our goal: diagnosis, educate, and treat your back pain, using multiple tools at our disposal.

Back Care ProgramMediservice offers an integrated approach for back and neck pain. We focus first on the correct medical diagnosis. About 30 % of patients present with an incorrect diagnosis. Wrong diagnosis means wrong treatment, and no improvement.

Mediservice employs low intensity light therapy (L.ILT), or laser, to speed healing by 50% of injured ligaments, muscles, and discs. We employ Manual Medicine, Laser, Specific Stretching, Neuro-Muscular Release, Massotherapy, Exercise Prescription, and Patient Education. In the chronic phase we may use a Psychologist, as depression occurs in 30% of chronic low back pain patients. We try to limit or reduce the use of anti-inflammatory and narcotic medications, which may slow the healing process.

Mediservice arranges private MRI or CT scan imaging within 1 week, when needed.

We provide “Second Opinion” consults from patients and treating MDs, for a fresh look and treatment plan. We take the time needed to get results, and involve the patient actively in his own care, to foster independence.

The vast majority of back pain and neck pain patients will improve with integrated, targeted treatment and good patient motivation.