Following an unexpected event in my life, I began to experience anxiety. I was surprised as I am not generally an anxious person. Having colleagues that have visited Dr. Perlman in the past, I listened to their recommendation and sought his help. It was an excellent decision. He was able to listen and understand the nuances of my situation while understanding the reality of aviation. He knew how to guide me through the different stages of my medical leave without judgment in a clear manner. Upon experiencing problems with my license, he took care of the issue which allowed me to concentrate on myself and get back on my feet as fast as possible.
Thank you, Dr. Perlman, for helping me deal with what seemed like an impossible situation and relieve my worries regarding my employment!

LL (September 2019)
Air Traffic controller

I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain for 2 years. Despite treatment by physiotherapists, osteopath, and chiropractors my pain continued and my inability to do day to day tasks became more and more limited.
Dr.Perlman at Mediservice offered the Back Rehab Program over 8 weeks. The first meeting was spent doing a full physical exam and reviewing the MRI scans. He clearly explained my 2 problems: a disc herniation and sacroiliac joint syndrome (basically a dislocation of the pelvis).
The treatment program has helped tremendously. My pain is significantly reduced, my flexibility has increased, and I’m able to do my work at home and at the office with greater ease.

Isabelle R. (August 2019)

For over 6 years I have suffered from chronic back pain. Over the years my posture has taken a hit and I walked bent and crooked. Over the years I consulted several medical professionals. Sometimes I could get a slight temporary relief at best.
Today, thanks to the care of Dr. Perlman, my quality of life has changed in just a few treatments. My walking has greatly improved, and I no longer feel the back pain that I thought was incurable. I find myself making movements that I was unable to do for years.
I feel literally like I can take control of my body after all these years.
I am very grateful of care obtained. My only regret is not to have consulted Dr. Perlman earlier.
I recommend this doctor to anyone who suffers from low back pain.

A. Racine

I am very grateful of Dr. Perlman for the great support and professional advice he provided. Dr. Perlman is an excellent communicator, who takes time to fully understand and address the symptoms. Thank you


I’ve had chronic lower back pain for the last 12 years as a result of an accident I had at work. During those 12 years I’d seen physical therapists, chiropractors, physiatrists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, a number of back specialists, and had monthly appointments with my supportive family physician. I’d had 2 MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays and still no one had been able to find a diagnosis for the pain and disability I was experiencing. As my condition worsened and my functional abilities diminished I was eventually unable to hold down a job or even continue to drive anymore.

My family physician attended a presentation given by Dr. Perlman during the winter of 2015 and realized the syndrome Dr. Perlman was describing sounded very much like the pain I was experiencing. He referred me to Dr. Perlman who diagnosed my back pain and disability as Sacroiliac Syndrome during my first visit. He was extremely thorough, compassionate, and understanding of the suffering I’d experienced over the years and assured me the syndrome was 100% treatable.

He also performed an adjustment on my back during that initial visit that resulted in immediate pain relief for the first time in 12 years. That seemingly simple adjustment changed everything and gave me the hope I’d never allowed myself to have before.

I’ve been working with Dr. Perlman for the last 3 months and it’s been challenging at times. He told me it was going to be a 2 steps forward 1 step back sort of process and he was right. He gave me stretches and exercises to do at home that he tailored to my specific needs and they’ve made all the difference. When I go in for adjustments Dr. Perlman seems to know exactly what’s going on with my body even though it changes daily and he’s able to guide it back on track every time. He’s given me hope for the future for the first time in 12 years.

If you have back pain or know someone who does I urge you to see Dr. Perlman. He’s one of those rare physicians who is an actual healer and if anyone can help you he can.

Brigid M.

I spent a year suffering from intractable back pain. There was no specialist available to me, the waiting period of about a year. Severe pain cannot wait a year.

Then as luck would have it, a friend of my wife’s told me about Dr. Robert Perlman, a physician who, for many reasons, had opted to “go private.” First I would suggest that critics of a private medical tier could never have suffered from extreme pain with no immediate solution due to the constraints of our medical system. I was given an appointment to see Dr. Perlman within 48 hours of my telephone call.

Dr. Perlman was not only accessible, but was able to diagnose the problem and offer an excellent treatment plan for me that included laser treatments and physical manipulation, all provided by Dr. Perlman personally. Should new problems occur, I can see him within 24 hours. Thanks to Dr. Perlman I am back to being an active participant with work and family life. I give Dr. Perlman my highest recommendation.

Jonathan P.  

12 years ago after heart surgery a serious problem occurred. Due to Dr. Robert Perlman’s quick and accurate diagnosis, my life was saved.  

Henry Y.

I’m a 58-year-old professional with a heavy travel schedule and an unhealthy dose of all the typical business- and life-induced stresses. Though I’ve managed to stay healthy, I know that maintaining my long-term health requires more than just brief office visits with my doctor. I need a physician-patient relationship that helps me work out a preventive strategy to my long-term well-being, rather than an “emergency room” approach. Unfortunately, in today’s Medicare government care environment, it’s virtually impossible for any physician to share enough face-time to truly invest in my wellness. Since I’ve being seeing Dr. Robert Perlman and the Mediservice Clinic, and utilizing the Private Mediservice Card Plan, I feel I that have a true ally in managing and optimizing my long-term health – one who has the time, focus and resources I need. With Dr. Perlman, I get the best of all worlds – the attention and focus of a personal physician, coupled with access to the resources and research of some of the best medical specialists in the world when required.

Brian M.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of becoming one of Dr. Perlman’s patients at Mediservice. After years of attending various clinics and after spending thousands of dollars needlessly, Dr. Perlman accurately diagnosed my lower back pain that I had been suffering from for almost 15 years. After careful examination he was able to recommend and administer the correct treatment. He suggested we start on a series of manipulations and he also did an overview of my everyday activities. He strongly suggested I switch my preferred sport of tennis to swimming, add yoga classes and do regular walking. He also taught me how to perform stretching exercises for my particular condition, which can be done at home. Not only has my pain ceased but I am more flexible today then I was 15 years ago. My back pain is basically gone due to my new wellness routine and it’s great. Thank you Dr. Perlman, life without pain is wonderful.!!!! I am very grateful for Dr. Perlman, he has given me a new lease on life.

Suzanne A.

I have been a patient at Mediservice for 5 yrs. and I most recently was on a treatment program for severe anxiety and insomnia. I was in complete denial that I, me could be overstressed, burnt out and not able to handle my job.   I was diagnosed and counselled by Dr. Perlman who was professional, but at the same time he was sympathetic, understanding and made me feel that he was someone I could trust. He took the time it took to guide me to a solution(s) that made me realize were in my best interest physically, psychologically and for my overall well-being. I am a healthier and happier person today!

Suzie B.