Corporate Health Program

Carte Medicale Privé Mediservice TM – Corporate Health Program

Mediservice Private Medical CardMediservice is a Private Medical Clinic that has been in operation for 30 years. We have provided corporate medical services for many established companies, including McDonald’s Restaurants, Bombardier Aerospace, CP Rail, and many others.

Get The Carte Médicale Privée MediserviceTM for your key Employees!

  • The Card is a Great Health Benefit for your Employees
  • Save Lost Time costs from delayed access to medical care
  • The Card is a valuable benefit to recruit, and retain, key staff
  • Simple to administer
  • Flexible
  • Affordable, a tiny fraction of employee benefits cost
  • Supplements existing group health plans, adds a private physician service (which cannot be provided by group insurance plans)

Each Employee Card includes:

  • 3 medical visits “same-day, next day” appointments per year
  • Annual Check-up (The Employee can elect to exchange 2 medical visits for 1 Annual Check-up exam, at no additional charge)
  • 3 Prescription renewals electronically, no down time visiting the clinic
  • Rapid access to private MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound within 1 week (imaging fees excluded)
  • Personal Electronic Medical Record
  • Optional Family plan (free transfer of rapid medical visit to employee family member)

Each Employee is issued a customized high quality plastic card that is kept in the wallet. When the Employee requires urgent medical care, he/she simply calls, emails, or books on-line.

Mediservice provides rapid access to quality care and medical follow-up for your Employees.

No lost time. No waiting in a walk-in clinic or E.R. room for 6 hours. No rushed exams.

Pro-active. Each Carte Médicale Privée MediserviceTM is embossed with your Company logo, to enhance your Company’s positive image as an employer.

Private Physician Benefit. The Mediservice private physician benefit is exclusive, it is not offered by any Group Health insurance plan or employee assistance (EAP) plan.

Positive cost benefit. Our Clients find that for each $1 spent on the Carte Médicale Privé MediserviceTM, the Client saves $3 in Lost Time. The intangible gain in Employee satisfaction and morale is high.

* Ask about our small business rates

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